L.A. Bridge Undertaking Elevates Contemporary Design

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Bridge and Gardens

Los Angeles broke ground this month on an ambitious bridge undertaking, designed by Michael Maltzan of Michael Maltzan Architecture.

The 3,500-foot bridge, produced of up of 10 pairs of arches that will light up at night, is changing the iconic Sixth Street Viaduct, which was constructed in 1932. It will span the Los Angeles River and U.S. Route 101 freeway, connecting the Boyle Heights neighborhood to downtown L.A.

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“These pairs of repeated concrete arches and cable-supported roadway deck are simultaneously elegant and productive,” the architect stated. The project is scheduled for completion in 2019.

The bridge will enhance entry for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, with 5 staircases at diverse factors along the span along with ramps for cyclists. In addition, the structure is currently being constructed in tandem with parks and green room currently being developed underneath and about the bridge.

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“The undertaking foresees a multimodal potential for the city, one particular that accommodates cars, incorporates important new bicycle connections and also increases connectivity for pedestrians to entry the viaduct,” explained Maltzan.

It will link “the bridge to the Los Angeles River and potential urban landscapes in a far more meaningful romantic relationship.” The project is just 1 contributor to the latest surge in the city’s constructing design tasks.

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