Kirchplatz-Office+Residence by Oppenheim Architecture + Design

This historical farmhouse dating back to to 1743 and with 2992 square foot was renovated by Oppenheim Architecture + Design Structures Firm this year. It is positioned in Muttenz, Swiss and these days has the double function associated with serving being an office to have an architectural style company, offers community conference space, plus serves as the compelling connect to a new adjoining private home.

In its outdoor, it’s an excellent building, by which its classic aspect had been retained. This particular added appeal to an currently attractive plus interesting creating.

Inside, the particular changes produced are obviously visible. The particular spaces along with updated system and style decisions be noticeable, with modern furniture filling up every room destined to become inhabited.

Kirchplatz OfficeResidence 01 850x616 Kirchplatz Office+Residence by Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Outdoor of the historical facade

In the main region, we furthermore see a contemporary fireplace close to a cafeteria area, filled by a big wood desk and associated modern chair. Over this particular hangs the black light with a contemporary style.

Kirchplatz OfficeResidence 02 850x567 Kirchplatz Office+Residence by Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Internal of the family room, with rock walls plus modern fire place

Yet perhaps in which the change will be most obvious is in your kitchen. A modern style made of wooden, with broad spaces plus straight outlines in which huge windows permit the entrance associated with natural light, hence making it an appropriate and enjoyable place.

Wood dining room along with stairs within the background
Dining room along with views within the background
Modern cooking area mostly made from wood
Corridor resulting in private places


Bedroom along with views plus relaxation region

An ideal and contemporary design has been used for the particular bathrooms plus bedrooms, using high quality components in their structure.

Modern plus spacious restroom
Bath in dark
Research area along with stone walls and contemporary furniture
Workshop with huge white dining tables

Any office areas display us another design design, however. Open up spaces throughout the area’s various levels had been occupied along with office furniture.

Higher view associated with work area
Workshop at various levels
Stairways and flooring in wooden
Nocturnal watch of the constructing
Night time view from the building
Nocturnal watch of the constructing

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