John Olson through Olson Kundig Architects Renovates a Holiday cottage Enveloped with a Thick Woodland

We are fully persuaded that character is something which the vast majority of individuals enjoy. Sensation that immediate contact provides us peace, relaxes all of us, and disconnects us from your pressures every day life.

Could be cottage, situated in a woodland of high trees plus thick plant life, was refurbished and with patience expanded throughout many years with the architect John Olson through Olson Kundig Architects, that has owned this particular cottage given that he had been only eighteen years old.

Lakeside cabin in Washington 01 850x508 Jim Olson from Olson Kundig Architects Renovates a Cottage Enveloped by a Thick Forest
Watch of the bungalow through the heavy vegetation from the forest
Lakeside cabin in Washington 02 850x508 Jim Olson from Olson Kundig Architects Renovates a Cottage Enveloped by a Thick Forest

The interior, an appropriate place with out luxuries and perfect tranquility with the outdoors, is bathed in sunshine that gets into through the cup walls plus fills the area.

Raw wooden, a materials that dominates in both flooring and wall space as well as within the furniture, cannot be more suitable for the decor of this bungalow.

It can be just imagined throughout a rainy day time – sitting down in the comfy interior, savoring a good guide and a glass of warm coffee. I actually do not believe there is a much better way to detach from the day-to-day routine.

Inside of the family room where the utilization of wood is certainly evident


Family room with outdoor view
Small recording studio
Bed room with fairly neutral colors

At dusk, the area becomes marvelous. The haze descends plus begins to include the woodland, creating a exclusive effect that will transports all of us to a comfortable and soothing atmosphere.

View through outside at night

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