Joe Nicholson Style Studio Makes a Contemporary House in Ca for a Outdated Couple

This beautiful home is located within the peak of the hill within California, which means that its important attractions are the gorgeous sights that we can also enjoy through the house’s numerous cup walls. In a size associated with 2, 750 square ft, it was created by Alan Nicholson Design Facilities in 2014 for a outdated couple, wanting to settle down someplace where they can take in the particular natural environment.

It offers various terraces located from different amount terrain, plus from which the particular views from the mountains, which usually surround the home, can be happily enjoyed.

The line of cement slabs ne2rk marketing leads through the house’s garden rocks, bordered simply by well-cared-for plant life, all the way towards the house appropriate. Inside, we discover a inviting environment that will invites all of us to enjoy wonderful views by means of its large glass wall space.

Total watch of the house using its terraces, solar power panels, and cup walls
The house encircled by floral garden
View from the mountains in the terrace
Bedroom watch through the cup walls leading to the backyard
Primary entry through the cup door


The family room, dining room, plus kitchen coexist in this large area within perfect tranquility. A simplified décor causes it to be abundantly crystal clear that the protagonist of this home is, certainly, the see, and thus we should make sure to not miss the great landscape that will surrounds the house.

From the higher wood roof hang lights, whose form allows the sunshine flowing by means of them to provide them with the image associated with glass pockets floating up.

The swimming pool outside rests calmly, coming across a mirror that will reflects the particular landscape that will engulfs this.

View from the mountains the backdrop with chair and a fireplace in the family room at the downroad
Cooking area and dining area with cup walls
Hanging lights in the dining area
Pool having a view

We shift away from this, only to recognize the enormous size of all things that encompases us.

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