Italian Apartment Thinks Inside the Box

design modern apartment AIM Studio was challenged to design and style a innovative apartment in a former office developing in Milan, Italy. Even although Brazilian Taste exudes a harmonious design and style throughout, its functional spaces — the kitchen, dining area, living area and study — are well defined.

“The owner asked us to think about an elegant, fresh, versatile area that would talk with numerous plants, their key passion,” the architects said. The layout was redesigned in accordance to the contemporary living needs of the customers.

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The undertaking was developed around a white concrete box, a residing room that’s framed in and closed on 3 sides. Inside, the white resin finish bounces light off the walls, helping the plants increase. A variety of eclectic furnishings make the room homey and inviting.

The rest of the 2,153-square-foot apartment features several textures, such as concrete walls, dark wood flooring, a sleek, modern day kitchen and bath, and — including a touch of the tropics — a lot of plants. What do you believe of this inventive apartment? [Photography by Nicolò Parsenziani]
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