Interiors by Erin Williamson Design

Erin Williamson is a blogger/designer that I had followed early on because I liked the way she mix mid century with bold colors and patterns. She has a great portfolio full of great interiors. My favorite of her projects is “Mid Century on the Ridge”. It is a mid century home with an eclectic bold decor with some pretty impressive “players”, Wormley, Jere, Kittinger, Baughman, and Pearsall. The Jack Lenor Larsen covered Pearsall lounger is SICK! in a good way. I like the non typical colors and where they are placed. Black ceilings, gray and blue walls.

Erin Williamson erin2 erin3 erin4 erin5 erin6 erin7 Erin Williamson erin9 erin10 erin11

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