House Designed by Earthworld Architects within Pretoria, S. africa

This particular project associated with wide open inner surface spaces is situated in Leeufontein, Pretoria, in S. africa, and had been carefully created, so as to protect and shield the surrounding plant life, by the system firm Earthworld Architects. The particular project has been undertaken simply by Braam sobre Villiers, Madelane Haycock, Pieter Beukes, plus Hendrieka Raubenheimer. It was designed in the year 2014 and addresses a floor area of 705 square metres.

The home offers 4 pavilions where resting, services, plus guest places are all associated with form a single living device. The pavilions form courtyards for residing in the rose bush between them.
Its external walls possess a rugged consistency and are colored an earthy shade associated with green, that makes them connect with the scenery and mix into it.

The top, and the roof in its inner surface, emulate the particular horizontal aircraft of the acacia thorn trees and shrubs, providing color for occupants and visitors alike. The stone wall space keep the feeling of the non-urban in its place to place, and its refined concrete flooring accentuate the particular rustic much more.

The furniture, simple and fundamental in an atmosphere where what exactly is sought will be comfort more than luxury, to generate comfortable areas, something that we are able to appreciate in the bedrooms – rooms which are simple yet full of comfort and ease.

House Mouton 01 850x567 Home Designed by Earthworld Architects in Pretoria, South Africa
Exterior watch of the home using its rugged wall space
House Mouton 02 850x567 Home Designed by Earthworld Architects in Pretoria, South Africa
External view of the house with its tough walls
Stone wall space and wood ceiling
Stone wall space and wood ceiling


Dense wooden doorways
Rock walls plus ceiling along with black steel base
Stone wall space and wood ceiling
Thick wood doors
Inside of refined concrete plus wooden roof
Kitchen along with informal dining area
Eating room/living space in one room
Bed room with cup walls
Bathroom within rustic design
Evening exterior look at
Evening exterior watch
Night time exterior see
Night time exterior see
Night time exterior watch
Evening exterior watch

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