Home Number 91 Interiors simply by Frederic Hooft

Frederic Hooft has a wonderful portfolio plus house quantity 91 1 caught our attention. These types of interiors possess a some exactly what Scandinavian really feel to them. The particular natural color scheme and stability of organic materials provide them selves in order to cosy minimum interiors. The bedroom I love will be the main area with the hanging fireplace as well as the De Sede DS600 Endless Sofa. The particular gold or even brass cupboards in the kitchen are very unique and am quite like all of them. If you acquired told me of the cool cooking area with precious metal cabinets I would have stated “no thanks” but they function here. There exists a lack of colour so perhaps a spot every now and then but I assume that is simply personal choice.

Frederic Hooft Scandinavian Scandinavian interiors modern interiors hooft5 hooft6 hooft7 hooft8 hooft9 hooft10

photography: january verlinde

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