Home in Vietnam with Fantastic Exterior dangling Gardens Created by VTN Designers

This design, with its fantastic outdoor dangling gardens that provide it an all natural touch and provide a fresh inner surface, is located in area with the greatest urban air pollution in the associated with Ho Chihuahua Minh Town, Vietnam. For this reason its system team provides tried to develop in it a little park, inside a dense community, which is a control device to escape the particular serious air pollution that impacts the residents of the region.

As such, the particular architectural company VTN Designers, under the command word of its designers Vo Trong Nghia, Masaaki Iwamoto, Nguyen Quynh Ryan, and Kuniko Onishi, worked well hard to take the lost greenery back to the town and make an intimate partnership between humans and character.

The house is made for a typical Vietnamese family comprising 3 decades. Each personal function is situated in a cement wall space. They have semi-outdoor areas, which function as living plus dining room plus where individuals can satisfy and enjoy enjoyable moments like a family. It is often designed making use of local plus natural components. What makes this particular project particular is the terrazzo wall, that was a popular materials in the 80’s, but continues to be forgotten recently.

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