High-class and Lively Minimalist House


Positioned in Japan, this particular single family house is a research in minimalism. Designed within 2016 simply by Tukurito Architects, the simple, spartan design enables small information to sparkle through.

The particular herringbone design on the kitchen counter contrasts using the straight wooden floorboards and the basic exposed webbed beams throughout the ceiling; each one is made from comparable materials, that makes the difference within pattern even more striking. The straightforward iron plus wood open up shelving, stonework and uncovered lighting will be spartan otherwise for their high-class detail function.


The window in eye degree allows merely a glimpse right into a private, peaceful courtyard, providing a sense of personal privacy. The particular cascading incline of the roofing adds horizontally space towards the home plus allows rainfall and snowfall to softly fall away from.

There is a specific emphasis on organic materials such as wood plus stone, using a focus on smooth, muted colour scheme with grays and natural powder blues. Every corner of the home is properly used, without thoughtless waste materials of room.


The most significant and fancyful detail could be the rock climbing wall structure leading to the multi-use loft area, proving that will minimalism could be each luxurious plus playful.

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