Hand Crafted Modern Furniture by WOODSPORT

Hand crafted modern furniture is a good description for these pieces made by WOODSPORT. I felt it was time to take a little break from MCM and feature some equally beautiful pieces. When I looked through their entire body of work you could see and feel a common thread. These are the types of pieces that would last generations, as long as they weren’t beat on day in and day out. The sling work on the chairs are quite interesting. The smaller blocks of wood connected to create a basket for your body.

“My work has a strong modern aesthetic and the highest level of craftsmanship highlighting the natural materials. Design influences range from mid-century modernism to industrial components to Shaker principles.” – Scott McGlasson

Hand Crafted Modern Furniture woodsport2 woodsport3 woodsport4 woodsport5 woodsport6 Hand Crafted Modern Furniture woodsport8 woodsport9 woodsport10


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