Group Studio Generate an Annex for a 1930s Bungalow within Sydney, Sydney

This particular charming 1930s bungalow, constructed with red stones, underwent action that ensured not to give up its old qualities. Recognized included an extensive area encircled by cup walls that provides way to your garden, where we will find a little resting region, a cooking area, and a eating space. The task was performed by the Aussie firm Group Studio, located in Sydney.

The particular perfectly managed gardens, which usually add greenery to both exterior plus interior, are usually complemented with the inclusion of the pool, which makes it the perfect room to enjoy the business of friends and family.

Sydney house extension 01 850x775 Tribe Studio Create an Annex for a 1930s Bungalow in Sydney, Australia
Charming, red-brick construction
Sydney house extension 02 850x1277 Tribe Studio Create an Annex for a 1930s Bungalow in Sydney, Australia
Entrance via a brick mid-foot
Watch from the outside of the annex
Living room having a chimney composed of dark stones
Watch of the cooking area from the internal of the family room


View from the annex places
Community hall area
Kitchen plus dining area in the annex

In the region adjacent to the particular older create, we’ll discover spaces created for storage, in addition to small actions that link the new using the old.

The particular older areas of the house keep a special appeal. Whether it is the set of stairs rising with an arch, the particular white-brick wall space, the vintage chimney manufactured from old packet, or the little windows, we are able to certainly observe how it’s small details that provide a classic plus elegant feel to the region.

Stairways that increase through the mid-foot
Bed room

At the second flooring, we’ll discover dark, wood floors, associated with minimalistic furnishings. The lighter in weight colors appear to soften the area.

Details of the particular furniture within the Bedroom
Bedroom along with dark, wood floors

The bath rooms, comprised of modern tiles plus intense colours, are featured with contemporary accessories that will complete the area.

Bathroom along with green ceramic tiles
Bathing room with azure tiles
Bathroom along with orange ceramic tiles

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