Graphic Designer’s House Blends With Its Natural Surroundings

architecture modern residence Johnsen Schmaling Architects completed the design of a 1,855 square-foot modern residence located on the wooded eastern shore of Wisconsin’s Door County, USA. The project was envisioned for a graphic designer and her husband. It blends with the surrounding vegetation and offers a perfect retreat for artistic inspiration.

The architects’; objective was to achieve a smooth transition between the man-made structure and its natural context: “The building’s restrained exterior material palette is limited to charred cedar siding from Northern Wisconsin. Its textured, somber blackness is complemented by varnished clear cedar, dark-anodized aluminum, and glass.”
modern residence (1,1) “Contrasting the building’s dark exterior shell, the interior material palette is dominated by white walls, white lacquered cabinets, and a gray polished concrete floor, all forming a deliberately neutral, serene backdrop against which the ever-changing tableau of the foliage outside can unfold,” the architects added.

The open-plan living room features minimalist furniture arrangements and a contemporary fireplace which descends from the ceiling. A wooden deck extends the living spaces outdoors, where the designed space flows effortlessly into the surrounding forest. The bedrooms are located upstairs, their position maximizing privacy and views. [Photography and information courtesy of Johnsen Schmaling Architects]

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