Gramercy Park Penthouse by Fox Nahem

This Gramercy Park Penthouse by Fox Nahem Design represents a nice example of warm modern. Fox Nahem has been featured here a couple of times. Every time I come across the work of this firm I hope that they have a new project I haven’t featured. The penthouse feels warm and modern at the same time. Obviously the amount of wood found in the interiors help bring organic warmth. The color palette also lends itself to warmer tones. I love that as you look through these spaces you can find some very coveted pieces of art and furniture. These pieces integrate so well that if you are not paying attention you could miss them, like the FINN JUHL SOFA model NV53 in the bedroom.

fox1 Gramercy Park Penthouse fox3 fox4 fox5 fox6 Gramercy Park Penthouse fox8 fox9 fox10

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