Gorgeous Wooden Suite in Sweden with Lustrous Interiors

This single-family villa is situated on the far eastern coast associated with Sweden, a location historically famous for its visitor appeal plus party position, but that is currently desolate, unoccupied. Having been refurbished by the system firm Jonas Lindvall A& D within 2014, this now provides approximately one, 000 sq . feet associated with space.

It is often completely built using wooden, from its wall space to the ceiling. In the mean time, its style structure has been inspired by typology from the traditional pitched-roof barn.

The beautiful backyards, which are thoroughly cared for, emphasize the excellence of this basic building. In the interior, we discover a likewise simple favorite in which almost everything is thoroughly organized plus placed.

Made up of 5 quests connected among themselves, every section offers its own exclusive set of areas and features. The simple framework allows the furniture plus décor in order to stand out; it really is truly a wonderful experience in order to witness the particular seamless incorporation of the 3 primary areas: the family room, dining room, plus kitchen.

Villa N1 01 850x567 Beautiful Wooden Villa in Sweden with Luminous Interiors
Aspect view from the wooden construction
Villa N1 02 850x567 Beautiful Wooden Villa in Sweden with Luminous Interiors
Frontal view from the wooden quests connected among themselves
Look at of the bed room from the outside
Complete look at of the residing room-dining area and cooking area space


Wood kitchen plus white marbled countertop along with highlights

The cup walls that will connect with the outside allow the sun light from the around environment in order to flow within, bathing the inside with a healthful brightness.

Wood dining room desk with sights to the around environment

The bathroom is created completely associated with beautifully veined white marbled, giving it the wonderfully classy feel.

Bathing room made of veined white marbled

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