Goldernstrasse House simply by Schneider and Schneider

Schneider & Schneider has generated this spectacular but considerably austere home. The dark cube is easy in construction but incredibly precise. The particular concrete internal structure any of my personal favorite design components. The included fireplace will be remarkable it really is literally portion of the house. The particular love that will architect incorporated some system pieces that will ad heat to this or else cold home. The future with this house really does an exceed job in making the home a home. I had always got favor along with concrete bunker style home and this the first is my brand new favorite, for the time being. I question how long lasting the exterior is usually?

Schneider & Schneider modern architecture Goldernstrasse House Schneider4 Schneider5 Schneider6 Schneider7 Schneider8 Schneider9
Pictures © Leonardo Finotti

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