Glass Home by Michael Bell, Ghent, New York

This glass house (Gefter-Press Property) by Michael Bell has been featured right here prior to but I lately came across a listing for the home. Oh how I want I could buy this area. I have informed my wife I needed to build a steel structured, U shaped house with tons of glass some day. It would be a bonus that it sits on 12.6 acres. Inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s The Farnsworth Residence near Plano, IL, and Philip Johnson’s The Glass Residence in New Canaan, CT. With the sum of glass used the dwellers have a greatest interaction with the surrounding woodland all 12 months round. I would only presume the home requires on diverse personalities as the seasons move by way of their cycles. I like that the property been kept basic, straightforward in furnishings and amenities.

Michael Bell Glass House

“Michael Bell, an architect and a professor at Columbia University, built the property in 2007. The homeowners, Phillip Gefter and Richard Press, commissioned Bell right after seeing his work in the “Un-private House” exhibition at the Museum of Present day Art

Although the home is manufactured of glass, you’ll by no means really feel genuinely exposed. It is situated in what Gefter describes as “the center of a doughnut,” with the forest making a organic barrier for privacy.

“The shower faces a 9-by-5-foot pane of glass, and we shower there all the time without be concerned of getting seen,” Gefter mentioned. So you could stroll about the home naked if you like, in accordance to the listing notes.” — Essay In Transparency Hudson Valley Glass Home For Sale

The design of the house was inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth Property in Plano, IL, and Phillip Johnson’s Glass Residence in New Canaan, CT.

“We employed the Farnsworth Home as a point of departure,” Gefter stated. The owners wanted their house to be like the “next iteration of the Farnsworth Residence.”

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