Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos Remodeled PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY House within Burgos, The country

This renovating took place within a modest home of easy construction. The particular project got some tips from conventional architecture in order to adapt these to the present. By doing this, the old as well as the new set up a dialogue depending on logic, naturalness and threshold. Considering that the home was in damages and its little space (50 square meters), it was essential to build a brand new structure that will meet the requirements of the household.

Located in Burgos, Spain, this particular remodeling has been carried out simply by Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos within 2016.

However the exterior is certainly nothing remarkable, the house provides areas intended for gardens plus recreational activities.

PI House 01 850x1273 Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos Remodeled PI House in Burgos, Spain
Home seen from your street with the walls
PI House 02 850x1274 Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos Remodeled PI House in Burgos, Spain
Primary entrance
Entrance towards the house in the garden


See of Inner garden
View of the home from the inside of the backyard

Within the interior, wonderful wooden flooring create a comparison with the white-colored and eco-friendly pastel utilized in the details. In the sides, the top windows permit the entrance associated with natural light making a clear plus pleasant environment.

The family room, with small furniture, is usually comprised of chair and little tables put on a area rug. This agreement leaves lots of open area, allowing the particular living room in order to breathe. This particular In a part, some synthetic plants total the decor, giving colour and lifestyle to the little space.

Inner surface of family room with chair and area rug
Look at of the internal garden from your living room

The particular stairs, made from wooden ways over a metallic beam plus colored within matching eco-friendly, connect each levels.

Wooden and metallic stairs because green

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