Functional Argentine Home Designed for Family Life

Modern Entryway Agustín Lozoda completed Belavista House, a modern, 2379-square foot home in the hills of Rio Ceballos.  It has a functional design with sections of floor-to-ceiling windows that allow residents to enjoy the beautiful weather of central Argentina without sacrificing privacy.

The home’s partially open style begins at first blush with a transparent wall that seamlessly integrates its corner patio entrance with the main room.  The architect’s design for the patio section plays interestingly with sunlight and shadow using a slatted roof and reflective pool.

Open Living Space

The patio entrance sits at the corner of the building’s L-shaped design, splitting its 2-car garage and living space.  Windowless, white concrete walls separate the longer section from the street outside, creating a secluded area for 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.  The bedrooms have full windows as a back wall that run along a balcony and connect the home to its outside garden of native plants.

The architect explains this design in saying that his intent was “to push the private areas away from the street, with easy access to the garden where the everyday activities happen.” [Photography and information courtesy of ArchDaily]

Distant view Privacy Back Wall Garden Back Terrace Layout

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