Freshome’s Bookcase Getting Guidebook

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Joel Dessaules Design

Image: Joel Dessaules Layout

Bookcases are among the most valuable pieces of furniture you will ever very own. They not only organize your collection of novels, but also serve as a spot to show ar2rk and accent pieces.

By adding a few bins or baskets, they also make the ideal spot to neatly stash odds and ends. Pick appropriately, and you’ll personal your bookcase for many years (or even decades) to come. Right here are some suggestions for obtaining the best bookcase for your residence.

Bookcase Purchasing Guide

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Chloe Warner

Picture: Chloe Warner


Whether you’d like just a number of shelves to showcase decor or you are hunting to home a modest library, when it comes to choosing the fashion of your bookcase, you’ll uncover by yourself faced with dozens of choices. Some of the most widespread variations consist of:

  • Normal. Regular bookcases are the workhorses of shelving units. They are generally made of wood or MDF, and designed with evenly spaced or adjustable shelves and a closed-back frame.
  • Étagère. An étagère is much more delicate than a standard bookcase, featuring an open back and shelves that are usually produced from glass. If a standard bookcase is created for function, an étagère is all about kind.
  • Ladder or leaning. Ladder-fashion bookcases are developed to lean towards the wall, often with “stepped” shelves that slowly decrease in dimension from the ground up.  
  • Corner. Corner bookcases are constructed at a appropriate angle, producing them the perfect form for wedging into tight nooks.
  • Scaffold. These bookcases get their title from their look: They’re fashioned from shelving suspended between 2 ladder-like supports.
  • Cube. Cube bookcases are divided the 2 horizontally and vertically to generate cubby-like sections that are best for housing the 2 books and storage baskets.
  • Developed-in. If you want to develop a wall (or room) of floor-to-ceiling shelves, constructed-in bookcases are the way to go. This fashion will demand much more than just a journey to your favourite furniture shop, nevertheless you’ll need to have to operate with a contractor to generate a customized program for your area.
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stephane charmard

Picture: Stephane Charmard


Size is probably the most crucial issue to contemplate when shopping for a bookcase, because it will decide how the shelves the 2 appear and perform within your room. Here’s what to consider:

  • H7 Most bookcases assortment from 3 to 8 feet tall. Contemplate the 2 aesthetic and practical issues when selecting h7 Tall bookcases that fill up most of a wall normally appear a lot more expensive and formal nevertheless, shorter ones offer the added performance of a usable surface area on the top. This enables it to double as a media cabinet, buffet or workspace, for instance.
  • Width. The width of your bookcase must be regarded relative to the h7 If you pick a tall bookcase, acquiring several narrow units as an alternative of a single massive one will provide a lot more versatility to include or subtract storage room as essential. If you opt for a shorter unit, picking anything broad will make the piece really feel much more considerable.
  • Depth. Most shelves are at least twelve inches deep to let ample room for storage, but some bookcases, especially ladder or leaning types, have narrower shelving. Consider what you will be storing on your bookcase prior to generating a acquire.
  • The room between shelves. If the shelves on your bookcase are fixed, make confident to measure the room in between them to guarantee that your books and accent pieces will match. Adjustable-height shelves offer much more flexibility.  
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Caitlin Wilson Design

Image: Caitlin Wilson Design and style


Based on how you plan to use your bookcase, you could want to search for the following possibilities:

  • Adjustable-height shelves. For the best versatility, decide on a bookcase with movable shelves. These shelves are usually suspended on pegs that can be inserted into a series of holes in buy to alter their place.
  • Wheels. If you strategy to use your shelves as a room divider, or if you like to redecorate usually, take into account a shelf on wheels. This will permit easy movement from area to area.
  • Space dividers. In an open-concept home or a massive area, a bookshelf can double as a room divider. If this is your prepare, be positive to purchase a shelf that is exclusively created to stand on its very own. A lot of bookshelves require to be secured to a wall and are not appropriate for use as space dividers.
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raad studio

Picture: Raad Studio


Bookshelves are produced from a variety of materials. These are the most typical:

  • Wood. Wooden bookcases supply a classic look and a solid, lengthy-lasting frame. Wood is excellent for common bookcases, given that it can withstand substantial w7
  • Particle board. If you’re on a price range, appear for shelving made from particle board or MDF, which gives the search of genuine wood at a considerably decrease cost.  Note that particle board is not as sturdy as the true factor, so be certain to think about fat restrictions just before loading up your shelves.  
  • Metal. Metal shelves can provide sturdy storage with a great deal less bulk than wood or particle board. This makes it an perfect material for individuals who prefer a streamlined, modern appear.
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Stephen Fletcher Architects

Picture: Stephen Fletcher Architects

Buying Ideas

The value of your bookcase will rely on size, materials and producer. A floor-to-ceiling sound-wood bookcase from a substantial-end furniture retailer can price 1000’;s of dollars, even though the price tag of a 3-shelf unit manufactured of MDF can be as little as $ 50.

To decide on the very best bookcase for your area, start by identifying how you will use it. From there, it will be much less difficult to figure out what size, materials and fashion will ultimately perform very best in your home. Contemplate the following:

  • Your area. Trying to keep in mind the room where you plan to place your bookshelf can help you narrow down your choices. Measure the width, depth and height of the location, and use that as a manual when shopping.
  • How you will use it. Prior to you store, have a clear concept of how you prepare to use your bookcase. If you’re an avid reader, you will want sturdier shelving that can stand up to the weight of your hardcover collection. A bookshelf that will perform far more as a display situation, on the other hand, can be a lot more decorative.
  • Your price range. Due to the fact a bookcase is something you’ll use for years, think of it as an investment and obtain the highest-top quality item you can afford. If you yearn for a built-in bookcase but the value puts it out of attain, contemplate a series of tall, large-high quality bookcases placed side by side. This can have a comparable result for a much smaller investment.  

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