Fitness center Extension to some House working in london, England

The main concept of this task was to produce a gym within the garden of the 100-square-foot home, which is positioned in Walthamstow, Greater london, United Kingdom. Regardless of the limitations that they discovered, due to the existing regulations within the zone, these were able to total the structure of the area.

The task was finished by the system studio EASTWEST ARCHITECTURE within 2017.

The cedar-clad outside has a big glass corner-window allowing all of us to have a look at of the outside areas by means of it and revel in the eco-friendly garden situated outside whilst we physical exercise.

Inside, the area is properly conditioned to total the exercise regimen. The walls of decorative mirrors not only satisfies the necessary functionality of assisting to correct positions in these areas in which workouts are carried out, but , simultaneously, it acts to give extravagance to the space and demonstrates the light that will enters with the skylights as well as the window, developing an environment graced along with plenty of sun light.

Garden Studio Gym in North London 01 850x567 Gym Extension to a House in London, England
View from the annex externally
Garden Studio Gym in North London 02 Gym Extension to a House in London, England
Outside facade information
Watch of the indoor of the fitness center. Mirror wall space and bvnvbn on the roof

However, for those who desire to perform workouts in the evening hrs, light accessories are organized along bed rails attached to the particular ceiling, plus which will provide artificial lights to the entire space – as well as the inspiration to complete the particular planned exercise regimen.

View from the interior from the gym
Night watch of the outside


Night look at of the outside

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