Fantastic Remodeling of the House to get a Family that will Loves their particular Neighborhood

This expansion was created for an old home belonging to children that increased in size plus who favored to broaden their present home rather than moving out there. It was performed by the system firm replus design agency led simply by its expert architects Khrystyna Badzyan plus Dmytro Sorokevych.

See of the major entrance

Major entrance along with stairs

Located in Lviv, Ukraine, the particular construction comes with an area of 360 square metres distributed in the 4 amounts. By adding the expansion in the inside courtyard, the particular architects split the house directly into 2 individual sections.

Terrace along with wooden flooring

Entrance along with direct stairways to the family room

The home that was formerly built, following a principles associated with traditional structures, should be available to space plus nature. With this main objective, huge pre-installed containers pertaining to plants plus large trees and shrubs, were put on the first ground and on the 2nd floor patio, near the cup to be completely connected to the inside.
Think about materials intended for decoration, the particular architects favored only natural and organic materials.

Because the clients needed to leave the house throughout the reconstruction time period, the designers faced the primary task associated with carrying out the particular project in some months. So that they decided to make use of a thin plus lightweight prefabricated frame for your main building. This could be installed quickly plus allowed these to work throughout the cold time of year, which was only the time of year where the project has been carried out.

Modern family room decorated within dark grey and yellow-colored

Living room-kitchen sharing area

Modern eating area within dark grey

Dining room along with glass wall space

Elegant dining area in darkish gray

Stylish stairs towards the dining room

Classy stairs

Patio in night time hours

Patio with wood floors

Night time view from the exterior of the home and its landscapes

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