Exclusive House along with Mixed Cement Walls Simulating a Geological Formation

This home, located in the town of Icheon-si, in Southern Korea, posseses an area of 208 square metres and was created by the system firm stpmj in 2017.

One of its many striking information is the usage of a new approach to casting cement, simulating the geological development, worked within a mixture of concrete, water plus aggregates (stone, sand, and so forth ). The particular cement is definitely mixed with drinking water to form a insert and its attributes are strengthened together with the aggregates. These pastes wrap plus fill aggregates of various dimensions and solidify.

This framework consists of 2 separate structures to house 3 families. 2 houses can be found perpendicular to each other, and share front side and backyard.

The family room is positioned towards the south and eastern for sunlight exposure plus maximized watch. The kitchen plus bedrooms are usually connected to the family room with a set of stairs.

On the 2nd floor from the buildings, you can find individual terraces for personal family actions. The exterior areas of the structures at each degree seamlessly link the interior plus exterior from the structure along with nature.

Aerial watch of home among cultivated fields

Exterior of the home with blended concrete wall space simulating the geological development

Interior of the home with attractive wooden flooring

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