Environmental Bamboo Retreat Hidden within the Mountains associated with Gunung Agung Volcano

Travelers exactly who like to appreciate nature will love this beautiful bamboo bedding retreat. Hideout Bali Shelter, designed by Jarmil Lhoták plus Alena Fibichová, is located together a tranquil riverside and it is within strolling distance associated with picturesque grain fields, enabling guests to have the Balinese countryside.

Hideout is an eco-lodge, unique with regard to adventurous tourists, hidden within the mountains from the Gunung Agung volcano.

It is far from an experience similar to other plus neither could it be a luxury resort. It is a location designed to provide a truly exciting experience, the rustic plus authentic location right in the center of the life from the Balinese town. Here, long lasting travelers, character lovers, religious people, trekking-lovers, backpackers, performers, musicians plus eco-enthusiasts are usually welcomed along with open hands to share fantastic Bali encounter. Environmentally oriented guests which treat this particular home along with love plus care are specifically appreciated.

This particular cabin is created entirely associated with bamboo associated with local source. Jarmil Lhoták and Alena Fibichová utilized this environmentally friendly material to produce an incredibly long lasting structure using a low impact. The bamboo bedding used in the particular Hideout constructing is located in the particular nearby Karangasem Mountains and it is considered among the best types of bamboo bedding for structure.

External view from the hut encircled by solid vegetation

Traditional and cozy bungalow interior

Traditional and cozy new interior

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