Ellivo Architects Style a Large Contemporary House in Brisbane, Australia

This house, constructed within a simple design, was designed simply by Ellivo Designers in 2017. It is positioned in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and it has an area associated with 2, 115 square metres.

With a wonderful exterior along with stone plus glass wall space and a wood ceiling, whenever we can be sure associated with anything, it really is that this house does not proceed unnoticed.

An excellent entrance embraces us, flawlessly taken care of in every aspects. Heading upstairs, we discover an internal courtyard, well-cared landscapes covered along with small gemstones, and a fire place in the middle. On the edges, the cup walls provide a complete look at of an inner surface where all of the details are perfectly looked after.

C2 House 01 850x637 Ellivo Architects Design a Spacious Contemporary Home in Brisbane, Australia
Side watch of the external. Stone wall space
C2 House 02 850x1051 Ellivo Architects Design a Spacious Contemporary Home in Brisbane, Australia
Stairways leading to the primary entrance
Wonderful interior region. Glass wall space and fire place

In its large and open up interior converge, in ideal harmony, family room and cooking area – an area, full of gentle and with spectacular views. The present day and large kitchen is performed in white-colored, with marbled and wooden walls. Over-the-counter, with a whitened marble best, hang 2 modern lights.

In the additional wing, far from the interpersonal areas plus aiming for several privacy, would be the bedrooms.

Inner view from the living room-kitchen. At the significantly end, sights of the lake


Modern cooking area in whitened with wall space and counter top in white-colored veined marbled
Garage area with classic cars
Night look at of the major entrance

The same might be said for that backyard. Eco-friendly gardens, looked after to the optimum, with wonderful stairs along with glass railings – the perfectly lighted area along with terraces through where we are able to enjoy sights of the water.

Spectacular evening view from the back garden

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