Eclectic Apartment Showcases Collector’s Artifacts

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RSRG Architects completed the renovation of a 1,173-square-foot home in the Pinheiros region of São Paulo, Brazil. João Apartment features colorful furniture, an array of plants and original artifacts from around the globe.

Removing some of the walls made space for a vivid, open social area. The doors of the eclectic apartment had been replaced by vintage ones located in São Paulo’s antiques district. Exposed brick, concrete pillars and remnants of the original walls include an industrial touch.

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“Conscious interventions and a rigid price range gave João Apartment its distinctive design of deconstruction and simplicity,” the architects said. “Life revolves about an open space with a kitchen and an adjoining living room, even though the bedroom, bathroom and laundry are in a more private area.

“The decor is a excellent combine: a beloved piano, classic pieces like the iconic Paulistano chairs, one-of-a kind products like the bed discovered at a flea market place. Tiny owls, Brazilian indian artifacts, and Bolivian and African sculptures give away the reality that this is an avid craft collector’s property.”

Landscape artist Daniela Ruiz collaborated with the architects to choose a fresh assortment of greenery for the property. Green ivy, fiddle-leaf fig and other plants blend perfectly into the eclectic layout scheme. [Photography by Fran Parente]

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