Drozdov & Companions Build a Personal Home Away from Recycled Stones

When looking only at that house, exactly what we’re initial struck simply by is the size, yet there’s a lot more – its initial creation with reused bricks! It really is uniquely amazing for its inhabitants to know that every piece of the construction includes a previous background and, better still, that because of this the price of assembly has been heavily decreased. Located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the house was designed simply by Drozdov & Partners.

Yet let’s keep on – all of us mentioned the size. Sufficient gardens plus terraces wrap the exterior of the house, and cup walls plus doors increase the feeling of area that hits us whenever we see it. Packet, wood, plus glass – an excellent mixture. This is a house that totally and harmoniously combines the exterior using its interior.

Entry of the home along with walls associated with brass plus recycled packet
Look at of the sufficient front patio of the home
Packet wall by front door of the house
Large covered patio

As well as interior is not any less impacting. Once within, we find the kitchen divided from the family room by crisp and clear glass wall space, which enable natural light in order to permeate via and ton the interior of the house.

Interior of the house with part view from the glass walls that sets apart the kitchen


Tough and many-colored wood wall space enclose the particular stairs that will carry all of us to the next degree in a thicker box. Upper level, we find an area that is open up and filled with light strained through the cup walls that will also provide the space a present-day and modern touch towards the rooms.

Wood box attaching the stairways
Wood stairs
Part view from the stairs along with glass railing
Front side view from the stairs

At night, we are able to appreciate the inner surface of the home with the same cup walls, on this occasion from the backyard by the poolside.

Nocturnal see of the backyard and swimming pool

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