Donald Wexler for Palm Springs modern

Palm Springs modern and the name Donald Wexler goes hand in hand. I am sure most of you have heard his name a time or 2. Wexler lived in the home with his family for 38 years. In 2008 Wexler assisted with a precise restoration. “The perfect house”, I haven’;t said it to many times but I feel I could certainly proclaim it here. The house is currently on the market.

“This restoration – which he considered to be the final evolution of his aesthetic – was awarded MOD COM’s 2009 Preservation of the Year. A privacy wall surrounds the house and newly-landscaped grounds, by William Kopelk and Marcello Villano. The pedestrian gate opens to reveal a gem-like transparency of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and wide overhangs, all engendered by the post and beam construction. Taking cues from his mentor, Richard Neutra, Wexler “pinwheels” the floor plan so rooms open readily to the many terraces and salt-water pool.”

Palm Springs modern

Palm Springs modern

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Photography by Lance Gerber

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