Design by Brodie Neill

When I came by Brodie Neill’;s work I was quite impressed with his designs. The organic shapes feel to have life, they aren’;t static. For some reason most work like this is somewhat off-putting to me but several of his designs resonate with me. The Super Nova (pics 1,3,4,9) is pretty futuristic but there is an elegance there that draws me in. The COWIRE chair (pics 2,7,8) is a impressive design that enhances the idea of what bent ply can accomplish. Brodie also has some nice custom limited and commission pieces in his body of work. His site is a must visit.

“Brodie is fascinated with organic forms that have a continuous line and shape; the look is sinuous, elegant and modern. It’s something that cannot be achieved by hand alone but requires sophisticated digital tools and techniques so with Brodie’s designs, not only are the production processes shaped to fit the vision of the pieces but working with such advanced technologies also allows the process to drive the idea itself.”

Brodie Neill

Brodie Neill










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