Decorations by Kirill Bergart

Kirill Bergart is a quite talented man. I came across their work on the tumblr weblog and monitored him lower. I like the particular neutral color scheme that is present in most of their interiors. The particular pictures here are from a house and a shop that were style by Kirill. I think your local store is actually their and situated in Silver River California known as County Limited. The decorations have a particular lived within quality along with objects that will express the character present in weathered components.

“After several years associated with merchandising with regard to major suppliers, Kirill chose to dive directly into smaller tasks and businesses where he got the innovative freedom to include several of their interests by means of one store. Within the last 12 months, Kirill has brought a step more when he or she opened up their first physical location, Region Ltd., within the Silver River neighborhood associated with Los Angeles. ”

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