Deborah Zlotsky – Artist

Artist Deborah Zlotsky works have grabbed my heart and my mind with her stunning architecture/constructive paintings. I ran across her work on Instagram and am “all in”, I don’t know what that really means but after you go through these pieces maybe you can add your own thoughts in the comments below. Not only are the shapes and construction captivating but the color combinations make for a piece that one could look at everyday.

“I’m interested in how a cycle of construction, accumulation, rupture, and repair creates a system. As I work, I follow detours and choose contingencies within a syntax of shapes, stripes, planes, the static of paint drips, abrasions, and stains, and trompe l’oeil supports that act like small prosthetics within the pictorial space. Each painting materializes out of a friction between intention and coincidence, much like the daily processing and deciphering required to be in the world.” – Deborah Zlotsky

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