Dark Box Home by Takatina Design

The Dark Box Home by Takatina Design is really a stunning basic silhouette filled with clean ranges. I love the easy color palette. The particular black and white home makes for an ideal backdrop for that owner’s Danish furniture selection. Teak towards a darkish background can be amazing. The particular ceilings really are a beautiful system element that will adds an amount of level. With the decorations being mainly furnished with middle of the century furnishings and ar2rk, there is no doubt if any one of it goes. The house is situated near Tokyo Japan plus sticks out just like a sore amazing thumb. Easily can’t find a better MCM home some day I might just turn out doing something similar to this but probably to for this caliber.

Black Box House modern architecture Japan Danish furniture blackbox4 blackbox5 blackbox6 blackbox7 blackbox8 blackbox9 blackbox10 blackbox11 blackbox12

Pictures © Mikiko Kikuyama

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