Contemporary Log Suite in Main Finland simply by Pluspuu Oy Architect

This vacation cabin is located in the guts of Main Finland, and it is architect, Pluspuu Oy, specifically made it to be able to withstand cold winter temps of up to -30 ºC, along with scorching summertime temperatures as high as 30 ºC.

As such, the walls are created with 202 mm solid laminated wood logs along with modern mitred corner important joints. The use of this particular material acts the dual purpose of carrying out a local custom that has been around for a long time within a new contemporary way whilst also braiding the home in order to its environment.

In addition to these types of timber record walls, the house is also composed of clear cup walls, which usually allow the dialogue between your interior and exterior plus an pleasure of character from the safety plus warmth from the cozy house. In addition , exactly what brightness graces the woodland that encompases the home can simply seep to the interior, lighting it with no obstacles.

Benefit ceilings, light-colored wooden wall space, and smart interior decorating scheme all get together to create a house that is each cozy and also a perfect sort of high-end style.

In the winter, home uses geothermal heat as being a heat supply, pumped away from a well that was drilled within the ground during the time of its design. In the summer, the contrary is done, plus cold surroundings is presented of the floor and in to the home to create some comfort to the inner surface.

Modern Log Villa in Central Finland 01 850x637 Modern Log Villa in Central Finland by Pluspuu Oy Architect
Aerial look at of the arctic forest
Modern Log Villa in Central Finland 02 850x637 Modern Log Villa in Central Finland by Pluspuu Oy Architect
Building with the snow
Foundation of the house in wooden and cup
Interior from the living room along with fireplace plus views towards the snowy outside
Indoor with a contemporary style within gray plus black. Wood walls


Contemporary dining room plus kitchen within wood
View from the living room-dining room through the second ground
See of the residing room-dining area
Wooden information

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