Contemporary Desert Oasis by Hazelbaker Rush

This contemporary desert oasis by Hazelbaker Rush is definitely perched on the mounted aspect in Az. The framework of the house is usually 2 amounts stacked plus cantilevered in various directions. The particular stacked stone walls provide the perception as though the home is certainly rising correct our from the ground. The particular continuation from the rock inside helps the particular dweller match the outside. As the start white-colored portion of the home gives a fine juxtaposition towards the mountain aspect. The landscape designs that encompases this house provides a substance of rich vegitation nothing like the surrounding region being pretty stark in comparison. I like the way the house can be found away from more of civilization making a desert oasis were you can sit back plus relax.

Modern Desert Oasis Hazelbaker Rush modern architecture modern house modern arizona hazelbaker6 hazelbaker7 hazelbaker8 hazelbaker9 hazelbaker10
Pictures by Casey Dunn.

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