Constructing in Asia Transformed simply by EKAR Designers

This constructing located in Surat Thani, Asia, was changed into a home with the same time the particular workplace associated with 2 siblings, one of them vet and the some other pharmacist, simply by EKAR Designers.

It was within 2016 whenever this redesigning was finished making how the space associated with 480 sq . meters satisfy the owners goals who desired to turn the area, which was as soon as bustling and poor problem, in a location where you could reside and operate perfect tranquility.

Because of this, right after an arduous trip of preparing, they was able to adjust the particular spaces that they had in order to find not only the particular pharmacy but additionally a vet clinic, an animal store, the café and also a meeting region, all within perfect a harmonious relationship.

This is how upon each ground breathes an alternative air by which its style was prepared according to the features of the location and the requirements of each from the families.

Major facade associated with hollow stones
Internal garden see connecting both wings from the building

Looking for to provide a little personal privacy was supplied an internal backyard that splits the space within 2 plus giving just a little privacy in order to each one

Reception part of the veterinary center


The act was made from hollow obstructs to allow the particular flow associated with air.

Stairs along with hollow packet wall

Its large rooms associated with walls plus floors upon white colour give to all of them spaciousness plus a sense associated with cleanliness. By means of its several glass doorways the sun light fills the particular spaces offering life into it.

Wide see of the whitened space of the home
Large and shiny area along with piano
Espresso area
Meeting area

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