Comfy and Cozy Home with Great Views

This home is located in a location of Jeju Island within Seogwipo-si, Southern Korea and it is surrounded with a natural plus relaxing atmosphere with stunning views on the ocean plus Mount Hallasan. From the incline in which it really is located, you can view out to the ocean. It’s easy to understand that the way of life here is distinctive, relaxing plus full of the wonder that comes from sensation surrounded naturally. It is encircled by reduced stone wall space and has 2 levels. The particular structure alone is encircled by trees and shrubs, adding one more element of elegance while concurrently providing tone and personal privacy.

Magnificent cabin made from stone plus wood

Entry to the log cabin

Well-harmonized with the features and the surrounding of Jeju, the house is really a contemporary home that includes elements of conventional Korean houses (called Hanok), such as conventional eaves plus wooden flooring.

New surrounded simply by green backyard with plant life

Interior filled with natural light

The design, performed by Guga architecture company Urban Structures, led simply by its group of specialists Jiyoung May well, Soomin Yg and Seongeun Gu, has been built in 2016 and has the of ​​191 square metres.

Amazing interior within wood plus white

Kitchen-dining area along with cirtsal wall space

Living room along with modern couch and wood floors

Modern comedror in wood plus white

Huge room along with relaxation plus reading region

Cozy area

Bathroom within rustic design

External watch through the cup walls

Night time view from your garden

Dark view belonging to the construction

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