Cometa Architects Style a Private Home in the Cyclades

This wonderful framework, made with gemstones carefully designed against the horizontally micro-cement areas and nearby materials, was created by Cometa Architects, who else worked with the particular natural cycladic landscape to determine the relationship from the building with all the surrounding property.

The home is situated specifically upon Kea Tropical isle, also known as Ceos or Gia. It is a good island within the Cyclades islands, located in the particular Aegean Ocean, Greece in fact it is the nearest to the coastline. This tropical isle is seen as a its tremendous mountain landscapes, dry and suitable for farming valleys, and it is very known for its nearby wine, honies, and walnuts.

The property provides 3 ranges, among which usually we find amazing terraces along with views pre-loaded with canopies that will filter and supply shade from your Mediterranean sunlight and offer all of us a establishing where to spend more time with family and friends.

Comets Architects Rock Split House Greece 01 Cometa Architects Design a Private Residence in the Cyclades
Outside and terraces where you observe the rock walls
Comets Architects Rock Split House Greece 02 Cometa Architects Design a Private Residence in the Cyclades
Exteriors plus terraces exactly where we can see the particular stone wall space
Obtain it and terraces where you observe the rock walls
Terraces using a roof that will filters the particular sunlight

Its wonderful interior contains large amount of gentle, and likes a simplified décor, ideal for this type of house where comfort and ease prevails more than luxury.

The particular furniture continues to be integrated plus built into the particular whitewashed inner surface, with the couches doubling because storage space, as well as the wrap-around table space with the food prep and the bedrooms serves as benches.

Interior from the simple and comfy living room
Wooden kitchen area with eating area


One bedroom within white
Night watch of the building

At night, we are unable to miss the particular wonderful vision that is the look at of the skies full of celebrities.

Night watch of the design

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