Colorful Home in Romania Revives Traditional Design

Merging rustic-inspired interiors with contemporary details, this colorful abode inspires a homey feel for the duration of. Located maybe not far from Bucharest, Romania, The Small House in the Countryside is really a project initiated by designer Alina Alexe of Studio Decoraktiva.

The starting place for the project was a decrepit traditional village house with only 2 rooms and a detached kitchen. Owner and designer Alina Alexe transformed the existing rooms into bedrooms, tore down the old kitchen and extended the construction towards the rear of the property. The addition includes a large family room, new kitchen and bathroom.

The main facade was kept, together with its traditional balcony and green patterns flanking the main entrance. All doors were restored and painted turquoise, which brings a serene and refreshing touch to the complete scheme.

Step inside, and you will look for a welcoming home, filled with artifacts gathered by the owners during their life journey. Conventional masks and different inserts from the Romanian village’; s folklore mark the identity of this colorful crib. As you look closer, you will observe a series of furniture and lighting units which were either recycled, or admirably “ adjusted. ” Just take the Ikea sofa, pictured above, that was coated with a new cover to better reflect the traditional design of the interiors.

One of the family room walls was personalized with a special pattern, while the the others were painted in “ museum-like white”. A traditional fireplace, 2 colorfully tiled stoves and exposed wooden beams add to the cozy atmosphere. Information provided by Platferma; photos thanks to Studio Decoraktiva

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