Code Space Stunning Contemporary Building in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This stunning contemporary building – called Code Space – was designed by Thai architectural firm Full Scale Studio in 2017. The sculptural structure covers a total ground area of 245 square feet and is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Coffee shop areas

Spacious and full of natural light

Spacious and full of natural light

Restaurant areas

The project was begun when a computer software design company decided to use the architectural firm to be able to build a working space and create a community for sharing knowledge, while also creating something that was stylish and comfortable. Code Space also serves as a restaurant, and is open round the clock.

Besides this coffee shop, Code Space can be host to conference rooms, software design offices, and a main space in which to work. In addition , it includes a library, a pantry, and a freestyle space to aid a variety of activities. The restaurant, however , reaches the front of the building, as the customers wished for this to function as welcoming card for visitors. In front of this, on the outside, is really a large green space, increasing this sense of welcome friendliness.

Spacious and full of day light

Spacious and full of natural light

Large windows pierce the walls all around the building, flooding the interior with natural light, which makes it feel alive and motivational – the perfect space to get some work done.

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