COCCO Arquitectos Style a Home within the Forests associated with Teuchitlán, South america

This particular house is situated in a forested area, filled with trees plus dense plant life. The ground has a excellent unbalance, that was used to produce views within the home’s around area. The particular structure was created by COCCO Arquitectos plus built in Teuchitlán, Mexico, within 2016. This occupies an overall total space associated with 230 metres squared.

The home itself is definitely divided straight into 2 obstructs. The first offers all the public, social locations -the kitchen-living room region and the dining area.

Glass wall space were set up in these locations in such a way regarding take advantage of the sun light and associated with space a lot more illuminated plus airy.

Within the other prevent are the a lot more intimate areas, such as the rooms and bathing rooms. With packet walls, the particular architecture right here provides a lot more privacy, along with giving heat to the areas.

House in the Woods 01 850x566 COCCO Arquitectos Design a Home in the Forests of Teuchitlán, Mexico
Close-up chance of the entry to the home
House in the Woods 02 850x582 COCCO Arquitectos Design a Home in the Forests of Teuchitlán, Mexico
Interior from the social locations from the yard
Packet wall prevent where the sleeping rooms are located


Around the last flooring, a patio was constructed, where there are usually various seats and a bbq area to a family event or helpful reunions, and also to enjoy the countryside lifestyle.

Patio for family reunions

The kitchen region is a area where lighting enters inside a checkered design through the trees and shrubs that give existence to the outside. It’s mainly made of wooden, with some add-ons made of stainless-steel. For those times with small light, or even during night time, there are 4 hanging lights which light up the entire area.

Wood plus black kitchen area with stainless-steel items

The dining area, decorated within dark colours, is in the middle of the family room. Its edges have cup walls that will allow the occupants to relish the sights of the outside from the convenience of the within the home.

Dining area with a watch

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