Change Architecture Urbanism Designs the Lively Personal Home within Rotterdam, Holland

This particular townhouse house, built in the start of the twentieth Century, had been completely changed into 2 various apartments, in which the old integrates with the brand new, the modern with all the retro, as well as the completed items with these yet to become finished.

It is a mix of designs and information that reside together within perfect a harmonious relationship. Located in Rotterdam, in the Holland, its remodelling was lately undertaken simply by Shift Structures Urbanism.

Matryoshka House 01 850x1275 Shift Architecture Urbanism Designs a Lively Private Home in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Contemporary living room along with walls associated with worn packet
Matryoshka House 02 850x1275 Shift Architecture Urbanism Designs a Lively Private Home in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The cement stairs plus walls made from worn packet lead to the various apartments, that have been separated, providing each its very own space plus intimacy. In the living rooms, wall space of cup allow the sun light to circulation in and provide it the lively feeling. The mixture of modern furnishings contrasts properly with the wall space of used brick and provides it a classic feel.

Cement stairs

Within the beautiful higher ceilings, that modern dangling lamps suspend, we can see wood beams that will form an essential part of the construction and, simultaneously, decorate the area. There is also a skylight through which gentle feeds in to the kitchen.

Positioned in the center, between your living room as well as the dining room, could be the kitchen, using a large counter top covered within white floor tile. At the back, the particular storage area can be hidden at the rear of doors. Right now there, stairs business lead into the personal area of the house, where the sleeping rooms can be found.

Kitchen area with a counter top of whitened tile
Wood supports over the kitchen area


Azure staircases linking the 2 ranges
Outdoor view from the apartment at night

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