Cement Pavilion along with Pool, Spa and Spa in Tehran, Iran

This task, located in Tehran, Iran, had been completed with the architectural company Kourosh Rafiey Architectural Style Studio (KRDS). This pool & hot tub is located in a personal garden that is surrounded simply by green places and pinus radiata trees. Perched atop a little hill plus surrounded simply by green backyards, it has amazing views on the city.

The particular pavilion, the concrete design, is located on a single side of the rectangular pool. Inside, we are able to find a spa and a spa. The framework also has the spacious patio from exactly where we can set under the sunlight, dive to the pool, or just enjoy yourself in serenity while watching the particular sunset all in all.

The main concept with this task was to produce an conversation between the structures of the constructing and the landscapes that encircle it, plus somehow incorporate both as one.

The lovely gardens, exactly where flowers various colors provide us their own aroma plus grant lifetime and colour to the location, serve as the preamble for the remainder and rest that we will discover inside their amenities.

Concrete pavilion swimming pool 01 850x566 Concrete Pavilion with Pool, Sauna and Hot Tub in Tehran, Iran
Front see of pool with cement pavilion by the end
Concrete pavilion swimming pool 02 850x553 Concrete Pavilion with Pool, Sauna and Hot Tub in Tehran, Iran
Highways and backyards with watch to the pavilion
Cement pavilion in late the pool
Pool view through the pavilion patio

At night, under the synthetic light as well as the silence from the night, a good atmosphere within complete relaxed invites all of us to relaxation.

Night look at of the pool and pavilion


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