Brutalist Cement Manufacturing plant Turned House

This brutalist cement stock turned house is the function of Builder Ricardo Bofill. If there have been ever this kind of building which could, without a doubt become called “brutalist” it would definitely be that one. I know many of us use “Brutalism” to describe other activities but the accurate meaning originates from exposed cement building mainly built in the particular 70’s. I possibly could not picture looking at this particular place plus thinking, “I want to reside there”. I believe it required a true experienced to take the particular shell of the remnant and alter it directly into what you find here. The particular “Cathedral” plus “residence” are usually magnificent constructions that assist different reasons. I like the usage of drapery in order to soften the particular concrete wall space, otherwise it will be a little in order to industrial. The particular structure lies on the borders of The country of spain and has the lush exotic landscape in order to naturalize hard exterior.

Brutalist Ricardo Bofill brutalism

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