Brand new Orleans Modernism by Curtis and Davis

New Orleans modernism has been certainly company authored simply by Curtis plus Davis. The particular Emerald Road residence is really a beautiful middle of the century house design within 1953. The house suffered several not so good refurbishments in the 90’s and on best of that this suffered main water damage because of Hurricane Katrina in 2006. studioWTA has been doing a great job plus, I would state resurrected this particular home through certain demonstration. I like the particular scale plus size of the home. It might keep me personally from needing to much things. The very clear story home windows and the supports are 2 architectural components that captured my interest right away.

New Orleans Modernism curtisanddavis2 curtisanddavis3 curtisanddavis4 curtisanddavis5 curtisanddavis6 curtisanddavis7 curtisanddavis8 curtisanddavis9
Photography: Neil Alexander

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