Barilari Architetti Restore a Non-urban Home within Ripatransone, Italia

This beautiful countryside construction will be nestled within the mountains, upon uneven landscape. Its wall space, built away from aged packet, contrast using the modern cup windows that will appear to look out from all of them.

The combination of materials is certainly interesting, plus fits completely with the environment that encompases the home.

Situated in Ripatransone, Italia, its renovation took an overall total of 4 years, beginning in 2006 and enduring until yr, and has been carried out with the architectural company Barilari Architetti.

Picture House 01 850x284 Barilari Architetti Rebuild a Rural Home in Ripatransone, Italy

Picture House 02 850x517 Barilari Architetti Rebuild a Rural Home in Ripatransone, Italy
Outside side look at, brick wall space, and contemporary windows
Patio with wood floors


Look at of the internal lamps externally

In its inner surface, modern home furniture is portion of the décor, and provides it a present and very elegant touch. Next to it, the particular dining room finishes the space. Dangling lamps had been placed from different factors in order to give the space with all the necessary lighting to keep it properly lit.

The wooden ramp leads all of us to the little kitchen that will seems to be shyly hidden at the rear of the stairways.

Wide stairways with dark metal side rails cross the area as a extension of the wood floors.

Family room with contemporary furniture
Sofa within white along with Barcelona chair

Over a small room where a single chair had been placed, we discover a large home window in the part that displays us an excellent view from the mountains that will surround the home. There, sitting down alone, we are able to enjoy times of representation and rest.

Part with huge windows along with mountain sights
Sights through the screen
Wood stairs along with black railings
Wood stairs along with black railings
Small dining area with dangling lamp
See of the indoor at dusk
Night see of the outside
Night time view from the exterior
House look at with packet walls

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