Baosol Arquitectos Style a Private Log cabin in the Co Rocky Hills

MARTaK Unaggressive House is really a cabin developed by Baosol Arquitectos in 2016, covering any of 145 square ft. As it is situated in the Rugged Mountains in a elevation associated with 6, 8 hundred feet, throughout the harsh Co winters we are able to find it bathed in a solid layer associated with white snowfall – a wonderful sight.

Encircled by crazy nature along with an impressive watch of the adjoining mountains, this particular cabin associated with wooden wall space and metal roofing retains a world associated with comfort in the interior.

Part view from the cabin perched atop the forest
The particular cabin constructed on the hillside with wonderful views from the Colorado hills
Side sights of the log cabin with a wood walkway
Spectacular see of the log cabin and the hills covered within snow
Relaxing region


Windows along with views towards the mountains

Once within, we find the spacious plus comfortable living/dining room, wooden floors, plus framed home windows through which sun light flows within without obstacle.

View from the living/dining area with broad windows, plus floors plus stairs associated with wood
Storage space covered with wooden

A little but useful kitchen inlayed into a part of the living/dining room, having a concrete counter top, glass wall space, and a lovely wooden roof incites all of us to warm up some sizzling chocolate in order to fight the lower temperatures within winter.

Kitchen area with cement countertop plus glass wall space
Dining area with a contemporary wooden desk and dark chairs along with a spectacular watch of the hills

The particular stairs comprise of wood cubes which gives it the double perform – the ordinary 1, as well as storage space. This allows the residents to consider advantage of what exactly is usually lifeless space. As soon as upstairs, we are able to follow a lengthy hall along with wooden flooring where we discover a floor internet that will make the afternoon of any children included.

Stairs made out of wood blocks utilized as a bookshelf

During the night, the solo cabin perched atop the forest, bathed within moonlight, may seem like some thing from a mythic.

Night-time look at of the log cabin

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