Awesome Room Divider Ideas, Even If You Have a Small Space

Open space living in lofts, studios or homes with high ceilings and few walls have become popular. The open architectural look might be gorgeous, although not always practical. Being able to have a private bedroom or a method to divide the living space from the dining area would produce a more functional feel to a home.

So just how can you put in a little intimacy or privacy to an area without closing up your space permanently? By getting creative and adding an area divider that will open and close as needed, or moved to a different spot. Have a look at these awesome room divider ideas that will work in nearly any space, large or small.

Room divider ideas using bookcases

There’; s no better solution to multitask than to use a room divider that has storage, too. A bookcase may be the perfect solution. For the ultimate flexibility, add locking wheels to the bookcase so you can roll it to where you will need. Or if you’; re sure you won’; t be moving it, consider adding an integral cabinet to divide a place.

contemporary room divider ideas -

A sleek wood bookcase without any backing divides the open living area without blocking sunlight. Image: Musa Design

room divider ideas for the bedroom -

This studio owner added a wall of bookcases to create a more private bedroom feel. Image: Kea Design

small studio room dividers -

A built-in bookcase is the only wall in this small studio. It doubles as storage and a divider to separate the living area from the bed. Image: Elayne Barre

room divider ideas

A centered cabinet can store cutlery and china on the dining room side and hold books and the television on the family room side. Image: Ciccozzi Architecture

Hanging room dividers

When space on the floor is of a premium, hanging a room divider can be the perfect solution.

room dividers

The room divider by Blomming appears to be created from a textile in a laser-cut pattern, but it’; s actually more modular than that! Each diamond, or facet, can be tilted to ready to accept create a custom look.

For a sleek fabric room divider, hang a curtain featuring large metal grommets from a simple chrome bar mounted on the ceiling. Image: Podio Arquitectura

Geometric room divider ideas

Sometimes a room divider is only a design feature that creates the illusion of dividing a sizable or small area without actually closing it off. These room divider some ideas are the perfect example. They add a custom look to an area that’; s memorable.

Panels of stacked wood blocks put in a graphic check out the area dividing the family room and dining area. Image: Betty Wasserman

A custom metal panel with leaves and vines not merely divides the room, but creates beautiful shadows on the floors if the sun shines in. Image: SFA Design

The clever installation of a graphic wall serves as both a headboard using one side and a desk on the other side. Image: Kimberley Seldon

An industrial loft’; s focal point is really a glass and iron room divider. Image: Axis Mundi

Slatted wood room divider a few ideas

Simple wood slats may be mounted to make a sense of a smaller, intimate area without completely closing off the location. Depending on a home’; s decor, the design can be mid-century modern or contemporary any way you like.

Wood slatted room dividers develop a small library or sitting room in a open loft. Image: Stebelskiy Studio

Adding uplights plus some greenery to a slatted room dividing wall produce a zen vibe. Image: Futurcret

The wood slats of the contemporary home were stained in a rich black tone. Each slat rotates to close up the space completely or open it up as shown. Image: Don Taylor Design Associates

This room divider hides the stairwell. Image: Maurizio Giovannoni

The light-color stain of the wood slats adds a natural Scandinavian feel to the small studio space. Image: Mr. Mitchell

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