Atena Design – Live in Art

Atena Design has merged their business and their home with their passion being the common thread. They passion is 20th century design and art. We have seen a couple examples of where one turns their home into a gallery. Frederic and Nidal Sioufi have a great eye for design and the home does a fantastic job at expressing that. Seeing the images of their home makes me want to take a visit. I think that would be the ultimate dream job. Today you sell the dinning set, tomorrow you get to enjoy a new one, the house would be in continuous rotation. You would get to experience a whole gamut of design. The question is, where do they stash the “keepers”.

Atena Design Atena2 Atena3 Atena4 Atena5 Atena Design Atena7 Atena8 Atena9

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