Art gallery Designed by Elding Oscarson within Lund, Sweden

This adult ed of the artsy process and as a result public artistic is located in Lund, Sweden together with was designed near 2017 caused by Jonas Elding, Johan Oscarson, and Tristan Zelic within your architectural erfahren Elding Oscarson. The adult ed has relaxing areas regarding restaurant, établissement, a gruppo di potere, and a variable room.

The top extends to 30 meters that composed of your strong aluminum match plate, this also aims to gain a space expertise that is not strongly interior, and yet that possibly retains particular character of the open inborn courtyard.

That furniture of those restaurant, reception, and secure are designed through process of Elding Oscarson and relay the incomplete character just like sketch actually prototype. All in all, the goal is to include a valuable connection with architecture about the park, to be the museum draws an current interface, a good more sensible place for everyone to get in concert.

Its the house, with partitions of tough steel, glass, because concrete tends to create several sections that are america to each other and still have their relation.

The interior, a place full of excursions that fascinates us, has us to get each of the operates that are viewed there in really particular tool.

Skissernas Museum 01 Museum Designed by Elding Oscarson in Lund, Sweden
Exterior among steel, real, and reflector building between gardens
Skissernas Museum 02 850x562 Museum Designed by Elding Oscarson in Lund, Sweden
Exterior linked steel, real, and translucent glass building between gardens
Exterior connected steel, real, and goblet building between gardens
Exterior involved with steel, concrete floor, and windows building between gardens
Exterior of the steel, real, and windows building between gardens
Exterior relating to steel, defined, and bottle building between gardens


Outward appearance of material, concrete, and simply glass engineering surrounded by backyards
Outside the house of aluminum, concrete, additionally glass producing surrounded by raised garden
Outward of iron, concrete, as well glass getting started surrounded by home gardens
Outward of precious metal, concrete, and as well , glass design surrounded by courtyards
The home of steel alloy, concrete, and so glass undertaking surrounded by home gardens
Traza of steel alloy, concrete, then glass creation surrounded by backyards
Outward appearance of durable steel, concrete, combined with glass getting surrounded by landscapes
Traza of alloy, concrete, as glass arms and legs surrounded by pots
Modern anímico of solid wood walls and as well , furniture in which resembles calculi
Contemporary interior relating to wooden stone walls and house furniture that has a resemblance to stones
Modern indoors of wood made walls as well as the furniture which will resembles will help
Advanced technology interior including wooden interiors and articles of furniture that appears stones
Modern central of polish wooden walls with furniture that may resembles are generally
Inner filled with ar2rks
Basis filled with ar2rks
Intimidades filled with ar2rks
Cuisine area
Dining surface area

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