An area Lovers from the Sea plus Surfing

This task, designed as being a beach home, was performed by system firm NiHu Arquitectos, at the beach associated with Guiones, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, a great destination associated with white sands for those who love to surf. They have an area associated with 416 sq . meters plus was built-in 2016.

Aerial watch of the property with ocean views

See of the major facade along with concrete street

This is a place that will tries to mix the limitations of a area built with the particular freedom associated with enjoying the range of open-air routines available. The nearby geography is extremely flat plus distant, that allows the exterior scenery and sights to be presented and consumed in the interior areas as pieces of art.

Primary entrance along with yellow doorway

Rear view from the construction

Swimming pool area along with terrace

Exterior stairs made from concrete

The exterior as well as the interior mix perfectly. Because of the location of the home, it is separated into 2 blocks that will compensate one another. This settlement also helps to split up private areas from the a lot more social parts of the task.

This framework is not only well-adapted to the location, but additionally takes into account the consumer, for which celebrate a third area between the obstructs oriented to some navigator’s associated activities.

The end result is a outdoor that operates through the home, allowing areas that are readily available to the visitors. These travels will provide associated with unique encounters that they will not soon overlook.

Inner surface in commercial style

Inside with cement walls

Traditional cuisine within intense colours

Kitchen along with industrial style details

Dual room along with wooden furnitureI

Master bedroom along with wooden furnishings

Bathroom along with concrete wall space

Aerial watch of the swimming pool area

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